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What is ASP?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages

ASP is a proprietory Microsoft Technology

ASP is a server side scripting program that runs with the help of IIS

IIS stands for Internet Information Services. It is a Web Server

IIS comes with Microsoft Windows

PWS-Presonal Web Server is a lesser version of IIS

What is an ASP File?

An ASP file can contain HTML, XML, text and scripts

Scripts in an ASP file are executed on the server

An ASP file has the file extension ".asp"

What is the difference between ASP and HTML?

When HTML file is requested by the browser, the server returns the HTML file

When ASP file is requested by the browser, IIS passes the request to the ASP engine.

The ASP engine reads the ASP file, line by line, and executes the scripts in the file.

At the end, the ASP file is returned to the browser as plain HTML

What is the use of ASP?

Can dynamically edit, change, or add any content of a Web page

Can respond to user queries or data submitted from HTML forms

Can access any data or databases and return the results to a browser

Can customize a Web page to make it more useful for individual users

Since ASP code cannot be viewed from the browser and only the result is displayed, security to the code is available

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