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Tutorial series on Basic4Android


Installing Basic4Android and Android SDK

Basic4android depends on two additional (free) components:

Installation instructions:

The first step should be to install the Java JDK as Android SDK requires it as well. Note that there is no problem with having several versions of Java installed on the same computer.

Download the Java 6 JDK.

On the next page you should press on the file link:

- Download the file and install it.

Next step is to install the Android SDK and a platform:

Note that you can install more packages later.

- Press on Install Selected and install both packages.

Install and configure Basic4android

Download and install Basic4android.

- Use the browse buttons to locate "javac.exe" and "android.jar" javac is located under <java folder>\bin. android.jar is located under <android-sdk-windows>\platforms\android-8

On Windows 64 bit, Java will probably be installed under C:\Program Files (x86).

Next >> Installing Android Emulator

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