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Broadband Wireless Access

Broadband wireless access provides high-rate wireless communications between a fixed access point and multiple terminals. These systems were initially proposed to support interactive video services to the home, but the application emphasis then shifted to providing high speed data access to the internet ,the WWW,and to high speed data networks for both homes and businesses.LMDS represents a quick means for new service provider to enter the already stiff competition among wireless and wire line broadband service provider.MMDS is a television and telecommunication delivery system with transmission range of 30-50Km.MMDS has the capability to deliver over one hundred digital video TV channels along with telephony and access to emerging interactive services such as the Internet.MMDS will mainly compete with existing cable and satellite systems.

WiMAX is an emerging broadband wireless technology based on the IEEE802.16 standard. The core 802.16 specification is a standard for broadband wireless access systems operating at radio frequencies between 10GHz and 66GHz.Dta rates around 40Mbps will be available for fixed users and 15Mbps for mobile users, with range of several kilometers. Many laptop and PDA manufacturers are planning to incorporate WiMAX once it becames available to satisfy demand for constant internet access and e-mail exchange from any location.WiMAX will compete with wireless LANs,3G cellular services, and possibly wireless services like cable and DSL.

Wireless communication
Andrea Goldsmith
Stanford University

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