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Python Programming Langauge

Note: You can download and install Python from

I have downloaded and installed Python for Windows environment in C drive and the directory name is Python27. I have worked with Python 2.7.13. The programs are executed in the command prompt. Being in Python installed directory type Python and you will get some information about Python version etc. You will get the command prompt ">>>", here you can type the Python program and get it executed

In the followiing examples value is assigned to the variable and the type is tested. You may observe that variable is not created with the type of the data it can hold but the value is assigned to the variable without declaring it

Even the value of a complex number is assigned to a variable and the stored value is retrieved.

Arithmatic operations are also performed in the following example

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By: Vishwanath Pai M

Reference: IOT by Arshdeep Bahga, Vijay Madisetti

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