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Example of class which creates an integer array

Class vector{
     int *v;
     int size;
   vector(int m) { v= new int[size=m];
        for (int i=0; i< size; i++) v[i]=0;
Now if we want to create a float array again the class needed to be re-written. But if we use templates to create an array, the same template can be made use of to create different types of arrays


template <class T>
   class classname
     Different statements
   class vector
     T *v; // type T vector
     int size;
      vector(int m)
        { v=new T[size=m];
       for(int i=0; i
  • Class template definition is similar to an ordinary class definition except that prefix template and the use of type T.
  • This prefix tells the compiler that we are going to declare a template and use T as a type name in the declaration.
  • Thus the vector has become the parameterized class with the type T as its parameter.
  • T may be substituted by any data type including the user defined types.
  • Now, we can create vectors for holding different data types.
  vector  v1(10);  
    // 10 element int vector
  vector  v2(25); 
   // 25 element float vector

Classname  objectname(arglist);