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e-CRM Architecture

The following is a set of technical e-CRM capabilities and applications that collectively and ideally comprise a full e-CRM solution. They are,

Customer analytic software

Customer analytic software predicts, measures, and interprets customer behaviours, allowing companies to understand the effectiveness of e-CRM efforts across both inbound outbound channels. Most importantly, customer analytic should integrate with customer-communications software to enable companies to transform customer findings into ROI-producing initiatives.

Data mining software

Data mining software builds predictive models to identify customers most likely to perform a particular behaviour such as purchase an upgrade or churn from the company. Modeling must be tightly integrated with campaign management software to keep pace with multiple campaigns running daily or weekly.

Campaign management software

Campaign management software leverages the data warehouse to plan and execute multiple, highly targeted campaigns overtime, using triggers that respond timed events and customer behaviour. Campaign management software tests various offers against control groups, capture promotion history for each customer and prospect, and produces output for virtually any on-line or off-line customer touch point channel.

Business simulation

Business simulation used in conjunction with campaign management software optirnises offer; messaging and channel delivery prior to the execution of campaigns, and compares planned costs and ROI projections with actual results. A Real time decision engine co-ordinates and synchronises communications across disparate customer touch point systems. It contains business intelligence to determine and communicate the most appropriate message, offer, and channel delivery in real time, and support two-way dialogue with the customer.

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