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Welcome to Wireless Communications & Signal Processing Group (WCSP):
The research focus of the WCSP group is in wireless communications and digital baseband signal processing. We are interested in many forms of wireless technologies including cellular, wireless PAN/LAN/MANs, fixed wireless access, and specialized wireless data networks like wireless sensors networks and wireless telemetry. The current research interests are on OFDM based wireless technologies with emphasis on WIMAX and IMT-Advanced, and cognitive and software defined radio.  Our goal is to become a world class research group that develops highly competitive students who are well educated in multiple areas in wireless communications and who know team work. 

The signals in mobile communications are reviewed both in terms of the physical scenario and as the basis of the transfer function of the mobile channel. The transfer function is arranged to demonstrate the inherent limitations (the irreducible bit error rate effect) resulting from using single port antennas, in both narrow- and wide-band systems. A new model for the average source scenario at the urban-based (vehicular) mobile is determined and an analogous model for the base station is formulated. The models are useful for deriving diversity antennas.

Our aim is to provide information to the knowledge seekers. 

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