Be Happy...Always

Whenever we have lost something or we have a setback, of course we become unhappy

   Think like this..... (Bhagavad Gita)

   1. Whatever has happened, it is for the good.

   2. Whatever is happening, it is also for the good.

   3. Whatever is going to happen, it will also for the good

   We have not brought anything to this world and we are not going to take anything after our death.

Yes we need to live a best comfortable life...but what is the measure of this comfort? We aim for something and we get it and again we aim for the next level and we cross that level too...again the next level....and most of us do not have drawn a limit for it..because we all fear about the future. If something goes wrong in the we want to have everything now itself. Most of us are greedy and always crib about what we do not have instead of enjoying what we have. Whenever something goes wrong we think that why it happened to us only... we feel that we have done enough prayers, we have put in lot of efforts but still it did not work out the way in which we wanted. This again we must think that it has happened for the good. At that moment we think that it has not happened for the good but later we realize for sure that it was good that it happened like that. Have patience, happiness is ours. One more thing is that life is full of agreements and we need to respect others and others will respect us. If we think that we do want to take the help of others we are wrong. To live we take the help of others. We cannot live without oxygen, water, food, cloth etc. We may be paying for it but we cannot live without it. So relax and be happy forever...we must do our duty with at most honesty and sincerity and just forget..we may or may get the fruit of it but we need not worry..definitely we have benefitted by some way although it is invisible to us.



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