“ DMS-I3 ”: Are You Ready?

- By Vishwanath Pai M

Now India has three platforms Digital India (DI), Make in India (MI) and Skill India (SI)- abreviated as “ DMS-I3 promoted and supported by the Government of India. All the state governments also provide all kinds encouragement to this initiative.

India now seen as a potential market with 1.3 billion population and with an economy size of more than "$2 Trillion". Most of the western markets are saturated or stagnated or slowed down so India will be an ideal market for all the multinationals and for the home grown companies or the start ups with an estimated growth rate of over "7%".

As many multinationals are eying India as service providers base for different kinds of services and not just the IT or as manufacturing base they are looking at the skilled work force too. In IT we may be better placed compared to other sectors. Since Make in India is in our plate, due consideration be given to other sectors too.  

  With such a massive population we have market within and any good product could be a great success. It should not be a screw driver technology but it should be from grass root level. If the produce is not just for the export market but also for the internal consumption then even if there is a problem in the external market it can be offset in the market within.

“ DMS-I3 can be best integrated for the inclusive growth. Lot of opportunities for the younger generations and they should be ready to take up this challenge. Lot of encouragement is there now than ever before for the start-ups. With good saleable idea, funding is not a problem at all. It can be obtained both from the government and private sectors. Many VC’s both from abroad and within are promoting the innovative ideas.

Multinationals have the best environment nowadays as many state governments are competing with each other to welcome the investors with red carpet welcome. Multinational can take the best available talents and they have a ready market too.

Our students with UG/PG degrees must enhance their knowledge base continuously so as to apply it to the needs of the industry and the society. Mere certificates of qualification are not sufficient to make the best possible use of the opportunities “ DMS-I3 is offering.

If you are able to think differently, innovative, research oriented, hard working, ready to take risk and take the failure if any to your stride then you can take on to “ DMS-I3 .

When we think of “ DMS-I3 we should not forget " farming, defence, water, energy, health and environmental management" etc. and integrate it with “ DMS-I3 .

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