Why do we get hurt? What is the Solution?

Why do we get hurt? Is it because you wanted something but you did not get it? Is it because someone insulted you? Is it because someone is blaming you for not a fault of yours? Is it because someone close is ignoring you? Is it because you helped someone at his/her difficult times but he/she did not reciprocate when you are at difficulties? Is it because you helped someone to get something but that person do not remember your help and do not have any gratitude towards you? Is it because you are not respected by your colleagues despite you are favoring them? Is it because your near and dear one's have any care towards you, despite you take care of all their needs? Is it because.....

In this world we all get hurt because of different things and by different people. By our colleagues, our higher ups, our friends, our relatives, our neighbors, our near and dear ones etc...

When we get hurt we lose our mood, we get anger but we cannot show it on them, we are helpless. We wait for taking revenge and in pursuit we keep on thinking about it and waste our time, peace of mind, health etc. So what to do...?

Just do not bother what others say......do the things honestly and sincerely...your conscious is very important...you can not satisfy everyone in this life. Elders have said "It is madness to make everyone happy"

Most importantly do not expect anything from anyone, if you have helped some one... just think that you have done your share of your service to this society, to your friends, your near and dear ones etc. "Expectations will always hurts, so do not expect anything from anyone so that you will be happy. Engage yourself is some activity which will make you happy, it could be reading, singing, painting, watching good movies, shopping etc. Work which helps the society should be a mission to forget all the painful moments of life. "

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