Koel eating a Papaya climbing the Papaya tree: By Vishwanath & Swarnalaxmi Pai

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This documentary is about a female Koel which jumped on to a Papaya tree where a papaya is ripe. It nicely balances itself on the Papaya tree. Climbs up and reaches the ripe Papaya. It is very nice to see how it peals off the fruit throws the seed out and eats only the pulp. The Asian koel is a brood parasite, and lays its egg in the nests of a variety of birds, including the jungle crow, and house crow. In the documentary you can hear the Koels calls so melodious. The Asian koel is a large, long-tailed, cuckoo measuring 39–46 cm and weighing 190–327 grams. The male Koel is glossy bluish-black, with a pale greenish grey bill, the iris is crimson, and it has grey legs and feet whereas the female race is brownish on the crown and has rufous streaks on the head. The back, rump and wing coverts are dark brown with white and buff spots. The underparts are whitish, but are highly striped. After it is full it flew off from the Papaya tree.

Documentary by Vishwanath and Swarnalxmi Pai, at the backyard of their house in Udupi, India
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