Career-Life: Happy Tips

1) Try to understand your strong points. Introspect everyday, if not everyday at least in few days. Think how you could have done the things better and differently so that you should not repeat the same mistakes or things which may not yield productive result.

2) If you are fed up with continuous work, you are solving a problem but not getting the solution, just get up from that place, get relaxed for some time and then get back to the work, now for sure you are better positioned to find the solution.

3) Whenever you are doing things differently people may criticize you but do not get hurt or lose your focus. Have belief in yourself and your intuition.

4) Do not forget to appreciate the work of others around you whether they are your colleagues, friends, your family members, your subordinates. It creates a good will and motivates them to do that kind of work and in turn they also help you in achieving your targets.

5) If you are a boss, be friendly with your subordinates but be ruthless when coming to the extraction of work.

6) Enjoy your success but it should not go to your head else it is the beginning to your fall. If you are not successful then do not be gloomy take it at its face value and do not give up.

7) In this life nobody is perfect and no one will get everything he wants. You may think that a person has everything like wealth, family, children, status etc. but definitely when you ask him and if he is sincere in answering definitely he will give you at least one point and say he should have had "that" and then he would have been happy. This wants are unending and the person who enjoys with what he has is the happiest person in life.

8) Hard work done sincerely and honestly will pay definitely. Do not get bogged down by the temporary setbacks.

9) Be happy with what you have than worrying about what you do not have or lost.


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