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Who does not want shortcut methods?? Who does not want things to be done without much effort?? Well everybody does. Several tips have helped us get quick result with less effort. This page offers you some of the tips related to kitchen,beauty etc which will be of great use to all you people.

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Here are some of the general basic tips.

  • Nail paint removers are the most handy things one can think of to get rid of certain stains. It removes sticky layer caused by gum or any sticky material on plastics and metals. Also it removes ink on plastics,metals.Just put a drop or two on a cotton piece and rub it gently over the effected area.
  • To remove gum from garments,freeze the garment and then peel off the gum.
  • Inks used in ink pens can be applied over burns to get immediate relief.
  • To remove oil stains,rub the area with a piece of lime dipped in salt, and then wash with soap.
  • To remove the smell in new plastic containers, stuff them with paper pieces before using.
  • Lemon is the most used stain removal substance. It removes stain on clothes. You need to rub a sliced lemon on stain and keep for sometime before washing with water.
  • Old stains can be treated with a white vinegar solution.
  • To prevent ants and termites from spoiling your books, sprinkle turmeric powder on them.
  • To bring new shine to your jewellery, brush them gently with toothpaste.
  • Silver ornaments can be polished with the ash obtained after burning incense sticks.
  • Shampoos can be used in washing silk clothes instead of detergents.
  • If doors and drawers do not open smoothly,rub a bit of soap over the hinges.
  • Use bread or damp cotton wool to pick up the fragments of broken glass safely.
  • Salt is an excellent cleaning agent,by itself or in combination with other substances.
    • A paste of salt and vinegar cleans tarnished brass or copper.
    • A strong brine can be poured down the kitchen sink to prevent grease from collecting.
    • Use a wet cloth sprinkled with a little salt to clean aluminium window frames and they will sparkle.
    • A solution of salt and turpentine restores whiteness to yellowed enamelled bathtubs and lavatories.
    • Wine stains can be easily removed by salt.
    • It is a natural ingredient that whitens teeth.

Beauty tips

All of us want to look beautiful, attractive. Girls as well as boys would want to look impressive. Eventhough inner beauty is more important than the outer beauty ,there would be no harm in trying to adopt good looks. This page provides some of the easy beauty tips one can make use of. Every measure may not be successful and also one may not get immediate results but then one must be patient. Anyways there is no harm in trying.

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Here are some of the basic beauty related tips.

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  • Wash your face frequently. It prevents acne and keeps your face fresh.
  • Apply sunscreen 20mins before you go out in the sun.Instead of applying creams you can apply natural face packs.
  • For normal skin ,multani mitti,glycerine and water made into a paste gives nice results.
  • To get rid of dark circles, place potato or cucumber slices on eyelids.
  • Do not make too much use of cosmetics. You wil get wrinkles soon. For healthy look you can use facial scrubs and masks.
  • If u notice a pimple popping up, apply small amount of saliva on it early morning as soon as you wake up.
  • After applying lipstick,put a tissue paper between your lips to make it dry. Lipstick won't spread now.
  • Above tip can be used after applying thick layer of kajal too.
  • Sparkling teeth can be obtained by using salt and lemon juice along with toothpaste.
  • Mix equal parts of salt and baking soda as a mouth wash that sweetens the breath.
  • Avoid using of electric hair straighteners as they make hair dry and brittle.
  • Do not change shampoos too often.This may effect your hair.Also use mild herbal anti-dandruff shampoos to get rid of dandruff.
  • You can apply herbal hair packs too.
  • Vinegar can be used as a final rinse.It gives glow to the hair.
  • Regular exercise and a nutritious diet keeps one healthy and beautiful.
  • Do not over dress. Simple looks are always appriciated more.
  • If you have the problem of hand sweatting, then immerse your hand in the water which was used for soaking potatoes.
  • Heat rashes on body can be reduced by applying on your body the water which was used to soak rice.
  • Soak aching feet in warm water to which a handful of salt is added and rinse in cool water to get relief.
  • A good posture has to be maintained when sitting,walking,sleeping.Even when having food one has to sit straight. If you tuck your tummy inside when having food then you can have a flat tummy.

Nail Painting

Here are some tips one can follow when applying nail paints.

  • Make sure that you remove old paint using a nail polish remover before applying a new nail paint else you will have a smudgy nail paint.
  • Best way to dry the paint is by keeping your fingers under the tap water for about 10 seconds after applying the paint.
  • If you want designs on your nails you can buy a nail art color using which any design can be easily drawn.Be careful when chosing colors if you are applying more than one color.As far as possible select contrast colors.
  • You can decorate ur nails with small radium stickers of different colors which you normally use as bindhis.
  • If more perfection to design is needed in applying two colors as in below pic, you can make use of cell-o-tapes.i.e.
    • Apply first coat using any color.
    • After it dries, cut tape in required shape and size and stick it on the nail.
    • Now apply second coat using different color.
    • Remove the tape slowly after it dries.
    • Repeat the same on all nails.
  • Colourless nailpolish that is a 'base coat' provides protien to the nails .So it can be used.
  • If the paint in bottle dries ,add 2-3 drops of remover to it ,shake well and use after few days.

Kitchen Tips

To become a cooking expert, it is not enough if one cooks delicious food. One should be a smart cook. Here are some tips to be used in kitchen which have been proved very helpful indeed.

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  • To preserve the freshness of leafy vegetables, wrap them first in paper and then keep them in refrigerator.
  • If you want curds to have a good thick texture even after one day, add 1/2 tablespoon of corn flour to one cup of curds.
  • For the faster cooking of dals, soak in water for half an hour before cooking.
  • Brush a little oil over cheese grater before grating , to avoid cheese from sticking to the grater.
  • No more tears when chopping onions if you dip them in water for 10 mins before chopping.
  • To avoid lemon from turning black and losing its freshness, you can keep it in a container of salt.
  • To remove rust stains on kitchen counter tops, wipe the area with lemon juice
  • Put ground lemon peels to remove bad odour from kitchen garbage disposal bin.
  • To prevent batter from going sour add a pinch of sugar or a piece of jaggery.
  • For an ant free kitchen, salt and turmeric powder can be sprinkled.
  • Dried red chilly when placed inside container of flour,can avoid insect attack.
  • When cooking to keep vegetables intact and prevent over cooking add a piece of jaggery.
  • Keep raw meats and poultry in covered containers away in one place,preferably at the bottom of the fridge.
  • Wash dishclothes regularly as they are the most lethal carriers of germs.
  • Eggs can be kept fresh also by immersing them fully in lime water.
  • Add a pinch of raw rice to table salt to prevent it from getting soggy.
  • Place a few bay leaves in kitchen drawers to keep insects away.
  • To keep peppers fresh,remove the stalks and store.
  • When freezing liquids,leave half an inch of head space at the top of container to allow for expansion.
  • After frying,place the fried items on the bread pieces to absorb extra oil from them.
  • To clean kitchen appliances and stainless steel kitchen sinks,use club soda.

Our aim is to provide information to the knowledge seekers.


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