Online Shopping will evolve the way of shopping totally and make it very easier for the people to purchase what they want,whenever they want,just at the click of a key. All you need to do is go through this website and get started....


Follow the given few steps:

  1. Go to your favourite online shopping website,y ou will get a set of options to choose from.Say that you want to go for clothings.
  2. Click on the circled item as shown below:

  3. When you click on clothing,another set of options will be displayed on your screen regarding whether you would want to go for men's or women's or kids clothing,as you can see below:

  4. Suppose you want to shop under the womens section,then you can just select any option of your choice.
    You can see below that "Dresses and Skirts" option has been selected from the women's section.

  5. Men,Women, what you want to shop for and proceed further.You also get details about discount and special prices that are currently available online

  6. If you want to shop under the men's section,then you can make a choice of your liking.The circle below shows our current choice

  7. Once you have made a choice,then you can also pick your favourite colour and the size of the shirt as you require.

  8. You can also preview the same shirt in different colours and go with the one that looks the best.

    You will also be shown various details such as price,delivery date,payment method...etc

    After you have finalised your decision,you can proceed with your online shopping by clicking the "BUY NOW" button as you can see below.

  9. Once you click the buy button,you can view details of all the items you have purchased so far,with detailed information about each of the probuct in your shopping cart.
    You can also view the total amount to be paid for the items that are currently in your shopping cart

  10. You can click on the "Close and Continue Shopping" button if you are willing to buy few more items or you can click on "Place Order" if you are done shopping

  11. You can also check the delivery details by entering the pin code of the area where you live

  12. After you have entered the "Place Order" button,you have to fill in the required details as shown below.

  13. Once you have filled in your valid Email id,Click "Continue". Then proceed with "Shipping Address",then "Order Summary" and last "Payment Options".

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