Business Analytics

Business Analytics Introduction:

New developments in Mobile and Big data have resulted in unprecedented data growth in last decade. IDC has predicted the present world's data growth 50 times by 2020. The unstructured information will account for 90% of data growth. Business Intelligence and Analytics technologies will play important role in transforming how people and businesses use unstructured and structured data for making business critical decisions. Predictive analytics is enabling businesses in predicting their business results accurately based on the historical data and current data.  Predictive Analytics is helping businesses forecast demand for their products and services in dynamic market place.
As India and other developing economies are growing at fastest rate, there is huge opportunity in the market place for IT solutions that will enable business to accelerate innovation, betterreturns on investments, identify bottlenecks and deliver high performance in competitive environment. New tools and technologies have evolved in delivering Business Intelligence and Analytics applications and new innovation is happening at rapid pace.

Business Analytics refers to specialized area of Information Technology which encompasses various processes and technologies to develop IT solutions to enable businesses with faster decision making capabilities. Business Analytics can empower businesses in getting insights into their data and making informed and fact based business decisions based on historical and current dynamic data.

Following are the building blocks of Business Analytics applications:

  1. Database, SQL and PSQL Programming
  2. Data warehouse and Dimensional modelling
  3. Data Integration with multiple sources  with ETL Tool (Extraction, Transformation and Loading).
  4. Analytical Data model and Dashboard and Report using Business Intelligence Tool:

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