3. Data Integration with multiple sources :

Data integration deals with extracting, transforming and loadingnormalized operational source system data into multi dimensional model in data warehouse system. Data integration typically involves 2 stages ieOperational Data Staging Schema (ODS) and Multi Dimensional Schema (MDS). Extraction is the first step in the process of getting data into the data warehouse environment. Extracting means reading and understanding the source data andcopying the data needed into the ETL system for further manipulation. At thispoint, the data belongs to the data warehouse.

After the data is extracted to the ETL system, there are numerous potential transformations,such as cleansing the data (correcting misspellings, resolving domain conflicts, dealing with missing elements, or parsing into standard formats), combining data from multiple sources, and de-duplicating data. The ETL system adds value to the data with these cleansing and conforming tasks by changing the data and enhancing it. In addition, these activities can be architected to create diagnostic metadata, eventually leading to business process reengineering to improve data quality in the source systems over time. The final step of the ETL process is the physical structuring and loading of data into the presentation area’s target dimensional models.

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