Important Qualities of Software

1) Correctness: This is the extent to which it satisfies it's functional specifications

2) Reliability: This is the probability that s/w will operate as expected over a specified time interval. Usually first release of software is released with known bugs, and subsequent releases of the product will be attempting to filter out these bugs.

3) Robustness: Robustness and correctness are strongly related. If we put requirements in the specification, it becomes correctness; if it is not specified and behaves reasonably under unanticipated circumstances it becomes robustness. Ex: They may have to with stand sudden increase in number of customers using it or certain unanticipated processing

4) User friendliness: This is measured in terms of ease of use, response time etc. it is also ease at which it can be configured, installed and learnt.

5) Verifiability:A software is verifiable if it's performance, correctness etc. can be verified easily

6) Maintainability: It is an effort to locate and fix the errors in operating software, making updations to suit to the changing environment

7) Reusability: It is the extent to which the parts of the software can be reused to develop similar applications

8) Portability: This nothing but porting the software on to different platforms as nowadays lots of processors, operating systems are released frequently in the market

9) Modularity: A system that is composed of modules is called as modular system.

10) Testability:This is an effort to check whether the module or a system does the intended operation or not.

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