Requirement Analysis

  • Requirement analysis is the first step in any kind of software development process. This is done in order to understand the problem the software system is to solve. The emphasis is requirement analysis is on identifying what is needed from the system
  • Understanding what exactly the software must do is the most important factor
  • The major objective of this phase is to identify exactly "what types of features" the software to be developed must provide.
  • It includes two major activities: problem understanding and requirement specification
  • Problem analysis includes-thorough understanding of the problem, areas to be automated, areas affected after automation etc. This requires the close interaction between the users and analysts.
  • The requirement analysis ends with the requirement document, which contains the specification of the important items such as functional and performance requirements, scope of the product, nature of interface to users, hardware requirements, existing product, speed, precision, the capability and cost of the product, and potential benefit to the organization etc.
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