Design and specification phase

Prototype Model

Prototyping begins with requirements gathering. Developer and client discuss the overall objective, identify the areas that are not clear A quick and throw away prototype satisfying the needs as understood is given for use. This prototype is used and new suggestions are given and prototype is modified and again given to the customer. This continues till the client is satisfied with the prototype

Why Prototyping can be problematic?

  • Chances of giving less importance to the quality and maintainability as the quick workable prototype is to be given
  • Developer can make less than ideal choice for algorithm and OS to make a quick prototype. Later he may not implement the efficient algorithms or right OS. This results in inappropriate choices becoming an integral part of the system

Why Prototyping is less costly?

  • Experience of developing prototype reduces the cost of later phases of the product development
  • Requirement obtained after having the working experience with the prototype tends to be more stable
  • Final product will be close to the actual system as developer and user both involved in the refinement of the system

Prototype Model:

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