What is Engineering?

"Engineering is the application of a Systematic, Disciplined, Quantifiable approach to Development, Operation and Maintenance"." Engineering is the Analysis, Design, Construction, Verification and Management of technical entities".

What is Software?

"Software is a logical instruction which enables the computer hardware resources and procedures for utilizing the capabilities of the computer."Or " Software is an instructions or Programs that when executed provide desired function and performance".

What is software Engineering ?

"Software Engineering is technologies that populate the Software Process, Technical Methods and Automated Tools". Or "Software Engineering is the establishment and use of sound engineering principles to obtain economically, reliable and works efficiently on real Machines". The basic objective of software engineering is to Develop methods and procedures for software engineering development that can scale up to large systems and that can be used to consistently produce high quality software engineering at low cost and with less time software engineering eng focuses on the process of software engineering development that controls the quality, consistency and productivity but not the software engineering product itself It also contains project management steps to monitor the project for achieving quality, cost and scalability objectives

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