Iterative Model

  • Developer provide the specifications
  • First version of the product with minimum and essential features are launched in the market
  • Based on the feedback additional features are added. And this continues till the final product is delivered.
  • This model combines both the features of waterfall and prototype model.
  • This supports incremental building of the new system.
  • Since the testing is done at each level the product is better tested.
  • For the client it is good as he has to pay in installments as new capabilities are added one after the other

What are the demerits of Iterative Model?

  • The model can be useful if the system is understood properly
  • If the soft ware developed does not suit the environment at all, the time and money is wasted
  • Since the soft ware is developed with the imagination of the developer, he might not have envisioned the system properly
  • Good relation with the client is needed
  • After using the system the user may say that he is not satisfied with the system because of the reason beyond the satisfaction of the system

Iterative Model:

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