Student Projects

When students need to carry out software projects as part of their curriculum then they can consider any of the projects which are listed below and work on that

  • Trading Industry
    1. Wholesale distributors of different branded and unbranded products
    2. Electronic items showrooms-selling TV, Fridge, Washing machines and other electronic goods
    3. Mobile showrooms with service centers
    4. Computer and accessories-Sales and service
    5. Furniture showroom
    6. Kitchen appliances show room
    7. Medical shop
    8. Super market
    9. Branded wares showroom -like shirts, shoes etc.
    10. Cloth shop
    11. Jewellery showroom
    12. Gift items shop
    13. Sanitory shop, Pipe fittings shop, paint shop, buidling matrials shop etc.
    14. Electrical fittings shop
    15. Four wheeler show room with spare parts and service center
    16. Three/Two wheeler show room with spare parts and service center
    17. Automobile spare parts shop

  • Institutions
    1. Hospital, Nursing home
    2. Hospitality industry-Lodge and Restaurant
    3. Ployclinic
    4. Educational Institution
    5. Library Management System
    6. Co-operative Bank
    7. Co-operative Society
    8. Co-operative Store
    9. Travel agencie
    10. Real Estate Developer
    11. Temple management
    12. Employee management system
    13. Charitable Trust management systems
    14. Client management systems for lawyers
    15. Customer relationship management systems for institutions

  • Manufacturing Industries
    1. Paint manufacturing
    2. PVC pipe manufacturing
    3. Home appliances manufacturing
    4. Hollow Block manufacturing
    5. Consumer products manufacturing
    6. Electrical goods manufacturing
    7. Electronic goods manufacturing
    8. Fish net manufacturing
    9. Fish meal
    10. Cashew Industry
    11. Milk Dairy
    12. Food industry-different types of cooking powders, energy drinks, ready to eat/cook items etc.

  • Online portals/Apps
    1. Education portals
    2. Travel portals
    3. Healthcare portals
    4. Retail portals
    5. Ordering portals-procurring different types of items from different vendors or one vendor. For example: ordering food from restuarant etc.

  • Networking, Gaming
    1. Network based projects like chats, sharing, transmission of packets with different types of protocols and standards
    2. Interfaces between different devices like computer and medical equipment etc.
    3. Simulators, Emulators
    4. Implementation of protocols and standards
    5. Animations
    6. Games

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